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Testimony: His Grace Is Sufficient

MiaS.Jarry's testimony "His Grace Is Sufficient" on 9/01/2016, 6:15am...

I have been through anxiety disorder, extreme fear and panics, and even depression, but God kept me. I kept a smile on my face and i worked for the Lord through all this. When i felt discouraged, He lifted me, when i was afraid, he calmed my fears, when i was weak, He made me strong. He reminded me that, His strength is made perfect in my weakness. He made my dreams come thru, even through these difficulties.

Brethren, if you are faced with the same conditions, please remember that His grace is sufficient for you. He can bring you thru it all with thanksgiving on your lips. His peace indeed can pass all understanding.

Look to Jesus and keep your head up. His deliverance is sure!

God bless you!


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