Testimony: Having Everything In The Music Industry Led To Nothing

Christopher Hicks's testimony "Having Everything In The Music Industry Led To Nothing" on 6/09/2016, 12:49pm...

My Experience with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It had started with a minister who had zeal and great love for our Lord Jesus Christ named Grover. On the bumpy road we like to call life, he had slipped and got tangled in some of the snares that the opposition had set up in his path and relapsed on drugs. I met him in the city of Rochester, MN and he was in need of shelter and a job.

There was something so loving about this man that always wore a permanent smile with a gold tooth constantly visible from him shinning his teeth. Even though he was down and out he knew the Lord had a great purpose for him and he shared with me that with the Lord Jesus Christ, I also had a great purpose.

As a young man, I was stubborn and didn’t think about God so I shrugged the comment off as nothing. I opened my home and allowed him to stay as long as he needed. I also hired him at the German restaurant I had worked at. He was hit! People loved Grover and this gold toothed minister was embedded in my mind forever. We eventually lost contact with each other and I would occasionally think about what ever happened to that child like man that loved Jesus so much.

Starting off my Music and Theatrical acting career in Rochester, MN I aspired to be in a larger market and was ready to conquer the world. So I packed my bags and took me and the Girlfriend to Minneapolis. It was a tossup between there or New York City but let’s face it, I was a broke College student trying to get my act together in more ways than one.

We arrived in Minneapolis and I started making a dent in both the Theater and Music community. I had become part of Calibanco Theater the 2nd best independent theater in Minneapolis and was accepted into the home recording studio/community called Playhouse Studios. The Playhouse was known for harboring upcoming musicians and known as a Musicians boot camp. Artist from Matisyahu to American Head Charge where coming out of this place and causing tidal waves in the music industry.

I eventually joined Jon Wayne and the Pain as the drummer and knew I was destined for success. One day sitting on the stoop of the Playhouse an inner temptation came as an inner voice telling me I could have it all, sex, drugs, rock and roll and fame. It sounded too good and I was ready to hand it all over. I however was torn between careers because Jon Wayne was addicted to heroin and I didn’t want to give up acting especially since I wasn’t sure what the outcome of the band would be.

While Jon was spending some time in a treatment center, a friend and I started conceptualizing ideas for a screenplay. We came up with a solid foundation that we thought was clever enough and could sell if brought to any major film company. However, a thought kept creeping up in my head of a picture that I saw when I was 9 years old. A mutual friend of my father and I, his mother went overseas to the cathedral that was established as a memorial as the place the Virgin Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus had fled. She took a series of pictures and had them developed when she arrived back in the United States. One of the pictures was very interesting to say the very least and an apparition of woman presenting a child appeared. I knew at first sight I was looking at the Virgin Mary holding or Lord Jesus Christ.

With this picture lingering in my mind, I was being told to write a story about a prophet. It was so heavy on my mind so I told Sean that I was scrapping the original idea to start studying the religions of the world so that we could make a film that was truthful and not fabricated in any kind of way. This led me to my hours of studying the world religions from the Muslim, Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism. I had noticed a common thread between all of the religions but they were different. I had another penetrating thought come to my mind; the events that happened yesterday happened and could not be changed only lied about it. You can’t change the truth. I began to become depressed with my life and condemning myself from the lifestyle I was leading.

I was starting to see what horrible person I had become and only looking my personal self gain and recognition. I knew there had to be one truth and I wanted to find it and that night I dropped to my knees in tears and cried out to God and asked, “God who do I look to? There are so many that claim to be Lords and prophets but with completely different ways but a common theme of love. Is it the Virgin Mary? Is it Buddha? Is it Jesus? Just show me the way and I will follow.” I cried and prayed that night for hours. A few days of knowing my lifestyle was wrong had passed, the girlfriend and I made a trip down to Rochester to spend time with her parents. It was winter time so we made a fire and had family time. Hours of fun passed and it was time to go to bed. We made a makeshift bed in front of the fireplace that had died out from earlier that day and fell asleep.

Around 3:00 in the morning I awoke shaking almost to a point that seemed like I was in convulsions and I was drenched in my own sweat. All I knew is that my dream took place in the dessert and it was from something greater than I. My body and mind had never experienced this and I have to be honest I was a bit freaked out. Another half hour went by, shaking and trying to figure out what had happened. I just wanted to calm down but couldn't. Suddenly, a little flame popped up in the fire place from the ashes! I felt a presence that I could tell had no end and no beginning. It was ancient and it completely calmed me and I knew at that point that God truly exists.

Three days passed and I was back at work in a coffee shop downtown Minneapolis. I began to read the newspaper and started to cry over the state of the world and it how it was continually getting worse. A man came walking by pointing and saying, “There you are, I’ve been looking for you”. I nearly dropped to my knees, it was Grover the minister.

Years had passed since we last seen each other and no better time to have him come back into my life than now. I explained to him what had happened a couple days ago and he said I will have another experience. Sure enough, Seven days after the first I experienced another. This one was beyond anything that I could ever imagine… My friend Shawn and I were in the dessert riding in a vehicle heading towards a huge black treacherous thunderstorm. We tried to go through but with the winds and horrible rain and we kept getting stuck in the mud. Defeated, I stated “why do we keep trying to go through this storm” so we turned back around. Now heading the other direction, there was the most beautiful blue vibrant sky that I had ever witnessed. There were also thousands of White Doves flying in the sky. Suddenly they start forming something and I exclaimed “Sean stop the Car!” I knew something out of the ordinary was happening so he stops and we get out. The Doves had formed a cross that now had turned into a cloud that took up one end of the sky to the other The cross was simple and plain and there were two other crosses, one on the left and the other on the right but smaller in size. I could not take my attention off the cross of Jesus and it was emanating a love so pure and perfect it warmed my body and I knew nothing could harm me. I was suddenly raptured up into the heavens and I merged with the cross which was followed by the most powerful feeling I have ever had in my life. Millions and millions volts of electricity surged through my body without any kind of pain as if it were a cesspool of life creating within itself. I was feeling the fountain of life, the source of creation, the heavenly father. I felt wear the blood of Jesus had spilled upon the cross and I felt life in that too! It was amazing! As fast as I was taken up, I was back down. The cross to right of Jesus cross started to flash and dazzle with luminous bright intense colors. I began looking at it because the colors were intense and bright. I felt that I was in a trance and it felt void of life and spirit. It was very appealing visually but held no life. I then snapped out of the heavy trance that I was in and saw a bird swooping down towards me with amazing accuracy in its glide and motion. I notice it was the only one that was a pigeon racing down towards me. While this bird swooped down towards me, I heard an almighty voice that shook the earth and my insides and its power brought me to my knee saying, “BELIEVE”. I hold my hands to heaven and noticed it was a pigeon and began attacking my hands. I try flailing my arms all around to bat it away and suddenly I am in a village made up of tents in the dessert. I see my friend and urgently say “Believe! Believe! You have to Believe!” He turned his back to me and said “whatever I don’t believe!” I was so hurt that even my best friend wouldn’t believe.

Once again I wake up shaking, drenched in my sweat. It was amazing, glorious, almighty and powerful. I knew who and what God was at that very moment, it was Jesus Christ who was perfect and all loving. There however was still much to learn since I had been fooled by so many other doctrines that were claiming to have the way including many false doctrines about Christ. So back at the coffee shop with the thought of God embedded into every thought and action. Guess who shows up again? You got it, Grover. I asked him, “How did you know that I was going to have another experience”? He simply stated, “God told me”.

I then begin explaining the vision and he would stop and tell me bits and pieces before I could utter a word! He knew what happened before I could even tell him my dream! I finished with a few prophetic interruptions and told me he had the interpretation. The storm was my life and state of the world currently and that I was going into a dark place. I turned around because I wanted something new and better. The vibrant blue sky symbolized me looking into a new direction. The white doves that formed the cross represented that Jesus Christ was the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. The cross represented him dying for the sins of the world. The size of the cross represented how everyone will see and know that Jesus is Lord during his second coming. The love the cross emanating was his perfect love and his glory will leave you in awe and no harm can come upon you. When I was taken up and merged with the cross symbolized the rapture. The feeling of millions and millions volts of electricity that coursed through my body represented that he was truly God in the flesh and literally created life and energy within him. The cross dazzling with vibrant represented the thief that didn’t repent and mocked the Lord and how today’s world glorifies this behavior but is misleading and void of life. The voice that shook the world and me was the voice of God testifying to believing only in him. The pigeon that came swooping down represented the fall of Lucifer and if we seek the ways of that fallen angel it will surely be destruction.


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