Testimony: Granting A New Life By The Almighty God

Shama a heart that obeys the God's testimony "Granting A New Life By The Almighty God" on 6/21/2016, 10:32am...

I saw, experienced , death and life in front of me . I was saved only because of the love of the true God.

I was riding my motorcycle , I got a thought telling me ' take precaution otherwise you will meet with an accident forward ; I didn't take that thought in consideration but later I knew it was the Holy Spirit who was warning me .

I continued to my way ... I saw a girl at the bus stop , I was seduced towards her I just turned my head towards her (at the left not watching the road) and saw her then when I turned my head in front ( after seeing her) a car was on stationary in front of me a few feet distance , was driving fast to not collide with the car I applied the brakes the motorcycle swerved to the right and fell down on the road .

My upper body fell on the opposite lane of the road , there were many cars coming. The first car was controlling the speed of the rest of the car , the car was being driving slowly and rest of the car was in slow speed. If they were fast surely I told you I was not giving my testimony right now , even doctors told I was escape from a serious attack. After I fell I feel a presence I was being hold firmly by someone. After I stood up I was not afraid
of getting police case , or anything . I had many bruises pain in my body but didn't felt anything but later I felt it.

That moment still flashes in my mind and I know what God has done for me , many things he has done for me and for you also , but we don't recognize .
I thank the Father Jesus Christ for his Holy Spirit which he has given , I could have died by the cars driving on my head , but I was saved . Before I was just a believer attending my church.

Now I served the Holy God as a musician in church and visit my brothers and sisters preaching Gods word , growing in faith everyday , God is the author of our life he always have good plans for us. That day I was seduced = sin but still protect us . Who have fell will rise again cause God forgives ...

Just wanna say thank you to the awesome God the Father Jesus
He is king of kings
Prince of Peace .
God richly bless us even without asking him to do .
God Bless you brothers and sisters.


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