Testimony: Gracious God

Kiran's testimony "Gracious God" on 2/12/2016, 12:05am...

1.What was your life like before becoming a Christian?

I am a born Christian,but never tried to understand the Love of Jesus.God loved me so much and forgave all my sins. He made me to understand his love towards me in all situations and he protected me infinite time, He did not left me when I am going away from him.As Jesus said, he forgot all my sins after he forgave me and he renewed me , but few time when I recall them, I dont believe that I am still alive.

As God wants everyone of us to be an Ambassadors of Christ , and be a good testimony so that everyone should know the Love of Jesus

2. What caused you to change?

I did many bad things in sight of GOD.
God allowed those bad things in my life even though I did not obeyed him and did not listened what holy spirit says. God made me to understand how far I was away from him and how satan is influencing my life.

When I asked Jesus to help me and to save me , He forgave me all my sins. Its not that I am not committing sins. But I learned what is a Spiritual Life and what God wants from us and what are our main and basic responsibilities in this World and how much time we need to spend with God and What happens when we spend time with God and what happens when we do not spend.

3. How has your Christian faith improved your life?

One day in Church when Pastor preached about Faith , I learned many things and experienced miracles in my life one by one

My Pastor said in one of the sermon that we need to create a picture in our heart what ever we are looking for before receiving it and start confessing and thanking God for receiving that particular blessing.

4. What have you learned from your experience?

Iv learned many things in my life. God made me to understand how much he loves me and protect me in all the things which I did

I would like to share my small testimony

In 2010 , I was desperately looking for a Job. I was slowly growing in GOD. It was a Job Fair where 500-600 people attended for an interview.

When I saw them I was worried and thought to go back, But I stood in GOD and started confessing and praying that I received this Job in the name of Jesus and also I have created a picture that I was selected in all the rounds and took the offer letter.

With in fraction of time I have cleared all the rounds and the officials took all our details and said that they will inform us about the status.

After 1 week , I got a call from that Company and I got selected in that Company.

God is a GOD of Miracles,God is so gracious.

I am very happy to share my Testimony.

Like this I have so many Testimonies where God helped me in many ways especially in all my needs.

God put me in a stage where I can give testimonies for people who are going tough in their lifes

I thank GOD for giving this Opportunity to share this Blessing with you all

Please remember that Satan will stop every time to give the Gods testimony. I request you all to grow in Jesus and complete the work what Jesus said us to do


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