Testimony: Grace

Anonymous testimony "Grace" on 2/04/2017, 3:49am...

How far do I go back. I was raised with God fearing patents. I, a middle child of six. Mom and Dad were raised in the Pentecostal faith. When I was born we lived on a farm in Illinois. Our parents were active in church, Dad was even a church youth leader.

He had been in WW2, he came home wanting to be a farmer.His first wife divorced him while he was in the war. He came back home and married my mom who was a widow with a 3 year old son. They bought a small farm and started raising their family. It was around 1953, I was around three, when they were struggling to make a living with the farm and one of Dad's brothers that had moved to Michigan convinced him there was a better life to have working at the automobile factory.

Dad sold out and moved us (5 kids, now) to Battle Creek, Michigan. Spiritually our lives went down hill.Dad started drinking with his brother and stopped taking his family to church.From that point he moved us around Michigan, never finding peace and happiness. I was twelve when he divorced our mom and married a woman that liked to drink and go bar hopping. Our grandparents took us in because our mom had a nervous break down. That's when Jesus came back into my life. Our grandparents belonged to a wonderful spirit filled church.

I turned fourteen and heard a message that opened my heart to the Jesus. I repented at the altar and was baptized that very night. I'll never forget the feeling of cleansing and new life I felt. It wasn't until I was married and had our first child that I completed my new birth experience. My sister lived close and neither one of us had been going to church.

She called me up and asked if I would go to church with her.I was unhappy with my life and new I needed a change.Share found a small Pentecostal church near us and we started attending. Well, the second time we went the preacher made an altar call for those who wanted to be filled with power from on high to live an over coming life.

Before I realized it I was up front with my hands stretched out and my soul opened to receive His spirit. I began to speak in a heavenly language, and received the revaluation oh who Jesus is. The scripture, I am alpha and omega.the beginning and the end. I knew who my Saviour is. I left a born again believer. Through this empowerment I witnessed my husbands salvation and many of oh family. I'm sixty five now and He is still my love and life. We ate still telling who ever will to come drink from the well of life, Jesus the saviour of the world!


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