Testimony: God's Intervention In My Life In Life Threatening Situations

Rajiv Algoo's testimony "God's Intervention In My Life In Life Threatening Situations" on 1/04/2016, 7:16pm...

Over the years I have learned that if I do not have a testimony of God's intervention in my life in a week, then I did not look hard enough.

Indeed, when I find myself in dire need for help that only the Lord Jesus can provide and He intervened, I want so much to shout out to the world about His goodness towards me. But I have come to be more aware of the little things that I experience on a daily basis and I find that without His help some things may not go right.

One Spring morning I was on my way to a Doctor's appointment some 30 miles into Toronto which meant that I had to use the highway. About 2 minutes onto the 427 South I realized that I had not have a moment with our Lord Jesus that morning. I mentioned this to my wife Rato who was accompanying me and asked her if we could sing some worship songs. As we did I felt the presence of the Spirit of God in our midst.

I few moments later I saw in the rear view mirror a utility van changing from the outer lane and got behind us. In a flash it overtook us from the inner lane then about 100 yards ahead it moved onto our lane again. There was a ladder on its roof and it was dangling dangerously. A couple of minutes later it eventually fell onto the road ahead of us. By this time other vehicles were approaching us from both sides thereby preventing us from changing lanes to avoid the skidding ladder and we could not stop in time.

It was then that my Lord Jesus Christ intervened and steered that ladder to a stop safely along the left white line and gave me room to pass without crossing into the right lane or touching it.

Needless to say, our fear and apprehension were turned to joy and gratitude. We continued on our trip and back without incident for the rest of the day. Oh! how we glorified our Lord for saving us from running over the ladder or even a worse event.

Glory to His name.



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