Testimony: Gods Healing Hands

Eroni Vuetibau's testimony "Gods Healing Hands" on 5/14/2016, 8:50pm...

Bula Pastor Eroni,

Hope this email finds you well in the Lord. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from my heart for the welcoming I received in your local Baptist church. I was once so close to God but I have drawn away from God because of my wickedness. I would like to encourage you in the Lord with my testimony about what God did to my life recently.
Recently I was very sick and was in bed for one week. Four doctors checked me when I was at the private hospital. My cholesterol level was 29.1, keep in mind the normal is 5. With this reading alone the doctors said that I should have had Heart Attack or stroke longtime ago. They were even shocked to see me visiting the hospital with a healthy look and still breathing. To them I was a walking dead. My sugar was high and my other blood type was also high. When they tested my blood it turned to milk, which symbolizes that I should have been dead. This was the first time ever that they have encountered this.. This has even reached Lautoka hospital because it was rare to see someone still Alive and Kicking with that medical report.
God is great, God is good, as I am typing this letter, tears are rolling down my eyes because I donít deserve his mercy and He never fails us. He is the creator and an Infinity God.
So we that thought in mind I would like to thank you all for your faithful prayer. Pastor keep the great work of the Lord, I wish I was so faithful like you. God has blessed me so much with such faithful congregation within the Baptist Church who prays diligently for every soul that steps into Gods Church.
I remember the days when I used to serve Him at Victory Baptist. He never failed me nor forsaken me. He is still keep me alive till today.
Who knows what God has installed for all of us, but I am 100% sure that his return is close, so please church members I need your prayer, with my work and my getting closer to this Almighty God.
Recently God has been convicting me of my tithe and I think it is time to get myself back on track with Him. Please can you email me of the account I can transfer my tithe faithfully to Him. I am always caught up with work but if I have the account number I would be able to do internet banking every week.
Once again thank you for your prayers and will see you soon and may our Good Lord richly bless you.
Kind Regards
Eroni Vuetiba


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