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Testimony: God Works In Mysterious Ways

Anonymous testimony "God Works In Mysterious Ways" on 11/24/2012, 5:56am...

Before Christ I was lost and a challenge to my parents. Jesus touched me and changed my life, through a Pastor named Mark Buntain. He tried to share Jesus with me many a time, even though I ignored his many attempts. I thank god he never stopped trying. I can't say I'm perfect but Jesus has his hands on me and the better I know him, the more I grow in him and my faith. This is just one of my experiences with Christ.

It was my first trip to New York about 30 years ago and a I was just a new Christian in my faith. This is just one of my testimonies that Christ is real and takes care of his own. At the end of my trip and with no money to spare except my taxi fare of Us $30. I took a taxi from the main bus terminal in Manhattan to JFK airport. I was warned not to get into the front seat and never engage in conversation with the cab drivers as it was not safe at night. In those days, crime was rife in NYC.

For the first five minutes I was scared so I decided to pray. The cab driver may have noticed this, though not sure and he started to talk to me. As I'm a fair Indian with a nose ring, this intrigued him, as he had never seen a person with one and this got the cabbie talking to me about my nose ring and as to where I was from. I felt led by The Lord to respond and continue talking to him all the way to the airport.

When we arrived at JFK, he declined taking money from me as I was the first person who had ever bothered to talk to him and treated him as a person, instead of someone to be scared of.

When I went to check in for my flight, I was advised I needed to pay a departure tax and some other tax which amounted to $30.00, something new which had just been introduced. I nearly burst out crying and thanked The Lord for his intervention. $30.00 was the exact taxi fare which the cabbie didn't take and the only money I had.

Once I checked in, I went to find a chair and thanked The Lord for his protection and his love, because I don't know what would have happened as I had not money or any contact in New York.


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