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Testimony: God Brought Me To My Knees I Am A Reborn Christian

Sylvia Nelson's testimony "God Brought Me To My Knees I Am A Reborn Christian" on 8/11/2017, 1:51am...

I thought I was doomed from the beginning when i was a young girl after being molested for years by family members. I wanted to be ugly and tried to dress that way. I married when I was sixteen the first time and had two children. It was a very abusive relationship. He was much older and did not treat me well- I fell deeper and deeper in a hole.

I became deeply depressed and had to leave my two boys with their grandma and dad I had no where to go with the boys. I would go to visit as often as I could but my ex always beat me up and would throw me out in front of my kids. I was from eleven children and was the oldest girl.

I quit school in the eighth grade because i was so far behind from staying home helping my mom. My dad died when I turned 15 and i met my husband and married. The depression of leaving my kids behind got to me i started drinking and partying. After a couple of years i met my second husband he was in the Air Force we dated for three years and we got married i had a child out of wedlock he helped me raise with our other two children we had. He was a good father but drink real bad he died at 36 years old leaving me with three young kids my world and life almost ending from a broken heart.

I became real sick at times but one day i gave my life to Jesus and here i am happy as can be loving all my children and grandchildren. Jesus healed me from many diseases like COPD, ASTHMA, four spinal surgeries, a knee replacement and much more. Thank you dear Jesus. Amen.


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