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Testimony: Gifts Of The Spirit And How The Lord Is Letting Me Use It

PBosman's testimony "Gifts Of The Spirit And How The Lord Is Letting Me Use It" on 9/12/2016, 7:16am...

I have been born again for 5 years now, wow what a change. My life is full of challenges and today I read something like this: "Gold is purified through fire and it is genuine gold, faith is put through struggles, temptations and challenges and it becomes genuine faith." Fake gold will certainly not survive the fire, so is lukewarm faith wont survive life struggles. My point is my faith is not defined what things I get from God, but what God has shown about Himself through my walk with Him.

My gift (which I did not recognize at first, until a lying lukewarm christian made me aware of it) is a Spirit of discernment. Discernment is explained as the ability to judge well. I have always had this notion of never deciding on anything unless i have both sides of the story, little did I know that God had put that gift for discerning things that even looks harmless in our lives.

Movies that I have seen and the Holy Spirit showed me how they have hidden Bible mockeries are many. Just to name a few: Victor Frankenstein, I Frankenstein, X-Men Apocalypse, Superman vs Batman etc. and some of our teenagers are acting out these things in their lives. Lets take cartoons and kids movies for example. In our adults' mind, these cartoon and make-believe characters are just for laughs and passing time for kids to nag us less. However, we tend to miss a lot of hidden evil agendas behind most of the cartoons and characters. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but let us look at the types of kids movies and cartoons series that are playing on our TV sets. I decided to watch "How to train your dragon 2" last night and the Holy Spirit took over my mind. The main character here is Hiccup with his "loyal, beloved" black dragon. Now the first alarm is the dragon itself. Revelations has depicted the current systems of governments as a dragon being ridden by a woman. Now it is clear that a dragon is not depicted as loyal or loving in the Bible, it is a creature of evil. So the first point is this movie is saying to our kids that evil is good. Moreover the mother of Hiccup testifies to him that "dragons have been misunderstood, they are creatures of good spirit, and one can decide to abandon their own children, husband/family to dedicate their lives understanding them. In the movie, a more evil dragon master is depicted to have a more evil dragon that defeated the nice dragon, that evil dragon is defeated by another nice dragon in the end. In a nutshell the movie tries to teach the lesser evil versus the more evil. It tries to teach that evil loses at the end (rightfully so), however it uses the creature of evil to defeat evil, which is totally unacceptable in the Bible.
This is just one movie, most of what our kids watches on tv teaches "self", self-believe, self-dependent, hero-syndrome, no-need-for-a-God mentality, it's all in you, the power to change, the power to control life etc. it's pumped into our kids and we feed them these apostate notions.
Jesus told us (through Paul) that if we are in Him, we need to kill "self" so that He will increase in us. Be watchful and pray that we do not fall into the snare of the evil one.


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