Testimony: Genuine Care

Devin Gordon Coppieters's testimony "Genuine Care" on 1/04/2016, 8:40pm...


Very briefly I will share my story and it starts in grade five. Due to unforeseeable circumstances a family was caught in limbo during moving to the USA from Canada. During three days a girl sat in some classes. There was a positive, calming, energy that I felt. An energy that filled me with genuine care. A friendship did not have any chance of growing due to their circumstances.

Between this I was constantly filled with what I would say was a repelling force. And it turned into repelling family and friends. Wanting to be alone. I kept trying to date but did not have genuine care. I had apathy, and developing lack of empathy.

In 2005 I realized that I had a bad attitude and vowed to change this. And at the same time I wanted to feel genuine care again. That positive energy. It took seven years of developing a relationship with God, seeking answers, and my prayers were answered little by little.

Not only did I go to church and really pay attention to messages in talks, but I searched the Bible, I had, for answers as to what love, dating, courtship, marriage, and forgiveness was. Two books were also given to me as blessings. "Jesus the man who loves Women", and "Character of a Man." Both by Bruce Marchiano. On top of this, the Alpha course became known to me by blessing. I also found two other video sources that helped me. The Fuel Project and before that, The Resonance Project. They all helped me grow spiritually and personally.

My path is not the same as what others would experience nor would my path be what others need. But in 2011 I actually found someone where I was filled with great genuine care for. For new years eve 2012 I visited and she became my everything on the very last day I was there. I can say with great truth that I will cross galaxies for her. And she gave me the best feeling ever. Heart break.

To this day she is my most wonderful friend, and I support her spiritually, mentally, and with whatever she may need as her health and well being are of highest priority to me. I actually enjoy caring about her and being the shoulder for her to lean on. Regardless of if we are friends or married. It matters not. We will never say goodbye. And I am so thankful for this genuine love that has been given to me to give to her. As well as for being lifted out of apathy. I could not have done it without God, Jesus, prayer, and searching for what I needed in order to grow.

There are more details to this journey but it was worth it. I am so glad that I got to experience it.

Best regards,


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