Testimony: From Neo-nazi To Jesus Christ

Calebe.S's testimony "From Neo-nazi To Jesus Christ" on 7/20/2019, 12:53am...

I'm 20 years old now, soon to be 21. I grew up in a Christian household, at the age of 3 I watched my father drop dead in front of me from a heart-attack;

I was raised in a good home, i knew the Bible, or at least i thought i did, as the years progressed my mother raised me well, yet i always felt there was something missing, i didn't know what, i thought i was a Christian, so i always thought why do things happen to me, i was young and naive; anyway, i was around 13 when my grandfather died of cancer and it was around that time my life took a turn for the worse - i begun rebelling against everyone, i had enough - if life was going to throw it's worst at me, i'd allow myself to become the worst i could be.

I eventually read Hitler's MienKamppf, i was interested very much, and i became obsessed with the Nazis, i even carved a swastika into my skin one time, i had become a rather violent individual at school but one thing ultimately changed me. i had an encounter with Christ so powerful i knew it was Him, and i have never looked back at what i once was.

I was 16 years old, and i had gotten into a fight with my mother, it was night time and i remember i was going to bash her, i wanted to bash her so much, and as i moved i felt my body just freeze, the more i struggled the more i felt frozen - she looked me in he eyes and i don't remember what she said, all i remember is this feeling which sounded as words in my mind say "I will not let you harm her."

I gave up the struggle, and my mother went to her room; i was left alone in the room with my thoughts and feelings, I cried that night, i hadn't cried in years; i got down on my knees and prayed to God, i asked for forgiveness and wanted my life changed forever! Remembering this makes me think of one simple thing which has stuck with me to this day - things will happen in your life, things will change, people will leave or die, but one thing remains the same and that is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the only one we need, if it weren't for Christ i would've killed my mother, i'm sure i'd of gone overboard, but God will always protect His children, and will accept people no-mater who or what they've done, Jesus died for everyone, people like me, people like you, the good and the bad - the charitable and the thief, the murderer, everyone!

No matter what happens, don't give up, read your bibles daily, never cease trusting in the Lord. Thank you for reading, if you're feeling low, just remember that Jesus Christ died for your sins, He died and on the 3rd day He rose again, Jesus loves you and wants you!


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