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Testimony: Free Because Christ Has Set Me Free

Angie's testimony "Free Because Christ Has Set Me Free" on 12/30/2015, 3:01am...

Growing up as several other people in a "Christian" home my father was a preacher but what he preached he never lived. My mother was a heavy drinker. Being the second eldest of the siblings, my Father decided to put us in a Children's home . This was devastating for all of us my youngest sister was 6 years old. We have never experienced any parent love.
God and His mercy showed me His love through His Son Jesus Christ who died for me. Reading his word was keeping me alive and away from a devastating live.

John8:36 Says If the Son has sent you free you will be free indeed.(I thank God for His love and grace everyday) and pray for my brother & sisters to experience the same love I have from Father God.
His love is for ever! and He is not a man that will lie.


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