Testimony: Experience Of A True Love Of Jesus By Hindu Bhrahmin Girl

Mamatha's testimony "Experience Of A True Love Of Jesus By Hindu Bhrahmin Girl" on 11/26/2016, 3:25am...

Praise the Lord, I am very happy to share my witness to all who is reading this, thank you for taking time to read this witness.

First I want to thank to Jesus, before I starting to write my witness.

I am born and bought in Hindu Brahmin's family, my family is very orthodox, I was a very true follower and believer of idles and status, as my parents when I born they have showed me a photo of Ishwar and Parvathi, I was believed that they are the real and true God till my graduation, I was thinking they are the real God.

When I was doing my graduation that time I met my classmates she was a Christian RC, after meet her every day I was use to become close to her and I was interested to know about Jesus birth history, so I was keep on asking her every day story of Bible with her, that time I didn't even heard the name of Bible. After that by unknowingly I was started believing Jesus, one day I asked my friend Jesus is also God like our Hindu God right, that time she didn't even told anything.

One day I went to her residence to study, that time her brother was watching movie of Ten Commandments, I was sitting in a sofa to waiting for my friend all of a suddenly, my eyes are gone to watch that movie ten commandments, when Moses went to bring 10 commandments from God, here Aaron made Bull and told everyone this is the God, who saved all from Egyptians, after that some people will go with Moses and some are separated from him and started believing that Bull is the God. Then my heart was felt Jesus is true God, then onwards I started believing of only Jesus Christ, I have accepted in my heart Jesus is my saviour through him I can enter to eternal life.(Year 2002)

After 9 years (2011), I was doing prayer to Jesus has I was doing prayer to Hindu Idle or statues, but I didn't even had knowledge about Bible Verses or Word of God. Like this my life was gone, only I was accepted Jesus and not knowing any of his word. Then I was started by carrier, but I didn't got marriage, in my family my parents and my brothers was started hating me due to I am believer of Jesus, so only my marriage was not fixing like that every day they were scolded me, that time I had opinion on everyone in my family was hating me, no one is loving me, one day I was very sad and about to leave home and about to commit suicide that time, I met with one Preacher of God, he prayed for me two hours over the phone and told me to meditate word Jesus I love you, I was did the same, after meditating the word God filled me by his love, its an conditional love I never experienced in my life, it was an amazing experience of true love of Jesus, no words to express about Jesus love, (John 21:17), Jesus asked Peter do you love me, 1st time Peter said yes father I love you, again Jesus second time asked Peter do you love me, then he said yes father I love you, at last third time Jesus asked Peter do you really love me, then Peter cried and told Jesus I father I love you. Like this Verses I was started crying and crying then Lord filled me with his love.

(Year 2011) After this I came to know about word of God i.e., Bible to reading this will become close to Jesus and he will talk to us through his word of God, Matthew 6:33 says "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you". After I started reading the Bible and going to Church every day, God gradually changed my life filled every where love, he made my enemies also my friend, in the year of 2013, God blessed me my life partner. Now I am living my life happy with the presence of Jesus.

Word of God changed my life. Luke 21:33, Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

Kindly request everyone to pray for my family and everyone in this world who is not aware of truth about Jesus, let God can open there heart and fill his wisdom on them to understand the love of Jesus and accept him.


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