Testimony: Child Abuse

Shahin's testimony "Child Abuse" on 3/07/2014, 9:51am...

Child abuse

If the soul of a child breaks...

My name is Shahin and I am born in Schiras, Iran in 1960. 10 days afterwards, my parents died in an earth quake (intensity 7.9). I was found in the ruins and brought to an orphanage. I was called the "wonderchild" as I had survived.

When I was nine years old, a childless couple adopted me. Shortly after that, the husband married a second time. In Iran, this is possible. His new wife got four children. When they got children on their own, I became "needless".

My foster father started to abuse me when I was 3 years old. He distracted me with ice cream. I forgot what he had done to me till I was seven years old. Then he disclosed his plan to his wives and raped me. Two days and two nights they left me alone in a room lying in my blood. The third day, I became comatose. When his second wife came in and saw me she cried: "Come quickly, she will die, do something about it, or do you want us to get into jail altogether?"

This was because the shahís wife (Farah Diba) ordered that all children being victims of the earth quake should be protected. Everywhere the children went, they should be send to school. Due to this order, they had to led me go to school for 4 years.

As a result of the raping, I became his third wife, and I knew that it was my turn every second night. When it got dark, anxiety arouse in me. I doubted and wondered "why"?!? The cry of a kid that nobody heard?!? Why is he doing something like this to me?!? I didnít really know what he did with me. But I knew that it had nothing to do with love and affection. His shadow alone, made anxiety arise in me and I got cramps and pain...

One day, his first wife talked to me: "You have stolen me my husband!" And I wondered how I could steal such a tall man!? She told me to keep everything to myself as I would end up in jail otherwise. Later on, I knew that they would have gone to prison themselves...!

Times of starving were added to my misery. I had to steal food as they didnít give me anything. Each time just before having food they send me to do some grocery shopping. When I came back, they had already eaten. They never had a bad consciousness not giving me any food, and they never wondered how I would survive.

Other people in town offered me clothes and shoes. When my foster father gave me money for school supply I had to pay for it during the night. He threatened to kill me and they beat me till they saw that I was bleeding: This man and his first wife. I was thin and allover covered with hematomas.

They send me shopping no matter what time it was, night or day (1am, 2am, 3am...). One night, as I came back at 3:30am, the second wife said: ďOh no, she is back!Ē So I asked them why they always sent me during the night as I was really scared and nearly died. The second wife answered: "Because you should die!" In the part of the city we lived in, there was a lot of crime and many children were found dead and adults were threatened, beaten and robbed when they passed the same way that I walked....

One night, my foster father took me to his work place and sold me to another man. At this time, I was ten years old. The following night, I took my foster fatherís gun (as he was a hunter) and wanted to commit suicide as I didnít want to live any longer. But his second wife stood there and pulled it out of my hands. "Are you crazy?!" she asked me.

Even if I was only a child, I knew that these experiences would have consequences for my soul and I prayed: "Dear God, please help me to become a good person and not to harm anybody!" This period lasted for 6 years.

When I was 13 years old (1973), they send me to a Persian-Jewish family living in Hamburg, Germany, in order to work in their household. My foster father got my monthly salary being sent to the Iran.

1979, when I was 18 years old, I got independent and started to work for different enterprises. In 1982, I married and got three children. In 1987, I started to have nightmares and also dreamed of Jesus Christ. I shouted and prayed: "Lord, help me!"

In February 1988, I got saved and started to follow Jesus Christ.

The ďdigestingĒ (processing) and healing of my experiences took me 21 years. After this long time, I received full healing of my soul and body. I brought all my suffering and pain to the cross of Jesus Christ and was redeemed of all these tormenting things.

I wanted to forgive them, but I couldnít...
I wanted to find peace, but I couldnít...
Only Jesus was able to set me free!!!

During a dream, the Lord told me the following: "Go and tell other people of the healing you received through me! Tell the news that Jesus sets free, today as he did 2000 years ago! Jesus helps, Jesus heals! He has risen and His power hasnít decreased!"

Since then, for four years now, I am emotionally healed, and I want everyone to get the possibility to receive healing.

I therefore ask you to disclose to our SAVIOR everything that hurts you. Donít keep anything back because there is Satan who doesnít want you to be redeemed and be set free from your pain! For as long as you are in pain and suffer, you are not free to worship the LORD and thank HIM for everything!

But Jesus has conquered, HE has won the victory over Satan. If you reveal all your suffering to Jesus, the enemy doesnít have any power over you any longer, and you can recover.

Start today! Donít keep your pain and suffering till you are old! Otherwise, it could be too late! Donít miss your healing!

Today, 40 years after my suffering experience I can talk and write about it without getting nauseated, crying or feeling pain in my soul.

In June 2012, the LORD spoke to me: "I have given their daughters to prostitution and their godchildren suffered from what you suffered onceÖ"


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