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Testimony: Believe

Dre Quan's testimony "Believe" on 11/27/2015, 11:07am...

I have 3 story's for you that are real. They are my stories anytime you need an uplift please read or revisit. My grandmother had always been religious, Catholic gone to church, read the bible and prayed. Not overly religious like Deep South. When she passed on We had to clean out her apartment and give the furniture tfor donation. In her room she had two pictures hanging on the wall one was Jesus on the cross, the other was a cross. I had gone down to the moving truck from the top floor, and come back to her room, someone had taken the pictures off the wall but I noticed there where like images off the picture on the wall still. Me thinking maybe the images bleed through the back of the picture frames somehow, I picked up both pictures and checked the back. Nope no bleed through, I stood there for a good few minutes. Showed my father and brother the wall and pictures. How those images ended up on the wall and no where on the cardboard backing of the picture, I thought could only be God and all the prayer that my grandmother had done. Im kicking myself now for not taking a picture but then when I saw the images I thought I would just take a mental picture and just remember it always as something for me. Boy was I dumb on that one. I still wonder if the images show up on the wall knowing the wall has most likely been repainted after the apartment was cleaned out.

Next is work. In my early 20s I was searching for work but nothing concrete ever came about. I had worked at Giant food supermarket in high school and some after graduation. I lost that job which turned out to be a blessing disguise. But in my early 20s it became difficult to find a job, I had seasonal job at one point but only through Christmas. My girlfriends stepmom at the time told me to pray on it and read the bible, listening to her that's exactly what I had done. I noticed from that point on, I had started to get more call backs for interviews. One interview I was asked some of my hobbies I had mentioned I likeed to draw in high school and it was told to me that there happened to be a graphics job available. And then I got a job which would set my life in motion for my career I was given a chance to learn computer graphics on the job, I later went to become faster with creating design, then a chance to learn multimedia production with very new technology a precursor to how video editing is done today. From that point on I have been blessed by always working, and gaining more experience.

My last one is a home. I was living with a girlfriend at the time and we had a baby, along the way. I was to the point where I wanted to get a new home. My girlfriend and I had broken up at a point. So about the home, I knew wanted to stay in a certain range with what to pay as my monthly mortgage payment and an idea of home which I wanted that did change over the time of searching. God blessed me with a nice home that needed nothing just move in and furnish. Also it was within my price range of what I wanted to pay mortgage. I have been so blessed, I hope who ever reads these they are some assistance in uplifting who ever and help guide to the direction needed if needed. If you feel yourself needing something spiritually remember these.


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