Testimony: Bad Into Good

Amie's testimony "Bad Into Good" on 5/29/2016, 10:59pm...

I know being a christian doesn't stop bad things from happening."God brings the rain to fall on the just & unjust alike"
i Know there are people who ask how could a loving & Just God allow Horrible & incomprehensible things to happen?
Personally i believe We as a people Are that reason.When Adam & Eve sinned We allowed bad things into Our world.
But, To His children He Promises to turn ALL bad into good.
i lost my innocence to rape & abuse But God used my circumstance to help his next victim from being Unheard,& She was Not told Are you Sure? i don't think you realize just what your saying, ect. & so on. Knowing what it does to ones sanity when your family thinks you don't know or can understand what your trying to tell them can make you unsure of yourself even when you know the truth of what was done. However, because of my pain Everyone heard when she spoke up, Everyone Listened. & was able to start the healing process sooner.
Thank You God for turning my pain into a helping hand for someone else!To God Be ALL the Glory<3


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