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Testimony: Back To Jesus

Greg's testimony "Back To Jesus" on 1/02/2016, 10:56pm...

I like a lot of other people found Jesus in my early twenties but after a while I returned to my old lifestyle and ways. I had walked away from JESUS but claimed to be a child of GOD. I was leading others away from him and I honestly thought I would go to HEAVEN no matter how I lived because I was taught once saved always saved. I started receiving warnings from the HOLY SPIRIT and I decided to listen and start reading my BIBLE for myself and not go by what I was taught but rather read for myself and listen to what GOD ALMIGHTY said rather than man. And I realized that I was on my way to hell.
I was reading revelation 22 verses 18-21 and I noticed that he said you could be removed from the book of life if you took away from the words of the book. So then I realized : Hey it didn't say if I was saved I could do that it said if I did it I would be removed. And it frightened me so I went to reading and searching and seen where king Solomon never turned back to GOD so I hit my knees and started my journey back.
GOD showed me that you can't decide to walk out on him and live like the rest of the world and still expect to enter HEAVEN. Yes we will be pulled,tempted and attacked but we have to repent and strive to live for JESUS. WE CANNOT JUST WALK AWAY AND SAY OH I WAS SAVED SO I CAN LIVE LIKE HELL BECAUSE IM SAFE THAT IS FALSE. Some of us were taught once saved always saved. You can't have a relationship with JESUS and live like the rest of the world. It can't be done. We have to read his word for ourselves and pray and follow the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT that's the only way to retain our relationship with JESUS. I will never let another person tell me what the BIBLE says anymore I will read GODS word and let the HOLY SPIRIT guide me. I will never walk away from JESUS again. I know it will be a struggle but its a fight worth fighting. I'm 43 now and I know for a fact I do belong to JESUS. So if anyone is reading this I urge you to read your BIBLE do not let false teachings take you to hell. Here's a few things you may want to dig in your BIBLE for 1.saved always saved 2.the Sabbath 3.traditions and celebrations of man etc and may your walk with JESUS be strong and pure. JESUS IS KING AND LORD OF LORDS. I thank GOD ALMIGHTY I'm saved.


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