Testimony: An Awakening

Diana's testimony "An Awakening" on 1/31/2013, 12:24pm...

First I want to thank God for my salvation and for his never ending love and mercy in my life.

I knew Jesus when I was 11 years old. I believed that I would go to hell if I didnt accept him as my savior. I didnt read one word from the bible nor did I have Christian friends or family to help me grow in faith.

By 17 I was hanging out with the partying kids, drinking and smoking weed. From then on, most of my life became centered around alcohol. I used it to have fun, relieve fears, pain, anxiety, and rejection. I was in control of my drinking, I thought. I was a good person though, always helping others, giving and thoughtful, and I was an educator for special needs children. Even though my life looked all together I knew something was missing.

I married at 29, and was divorced by 47. Feeling neglected in my marriage, the cycle of partying and male relationships started all over again. It was all about my needs, my emptiness, my loneliness. I neglected to realize that my children were feeling the same way.

At 51 I finally met a kind and gentle soul. We were happily married. My children and I loved him. He was the best thing that ever happened to me! I say this because his death brought me back to God.

My husband died unexpectedly only a year and a half after we were married. Devastated, and heart broken I cried out to God. About 4 months later I got on Craigs List to look for a carpenter to finish some work on my home. There were a lot of carpenters and handymen to pick from. But I picked one and hired him. I didnt know this carpenter was a preacher! God sent a preacher! He shared some stories of Gods amazing love for us.

I went to his church where I heard a powerful sermon that spoke to me. I heard God telling me that he's waiting for me to come home. That very moment that I repented and surrendered my life to God through Jesus Christ, my whole life changed. God transformed me, redeemed and restored my life. The joy and peace that filled me was a "high" that I've never felt before.

God rescued me from alcohol. I havent had a drop to drink since I recieved Christ. I dont have a desire or craving for it nor do I miss it. I'm not perfect, but now when I have struggles, God carries me through them. You see, God never left me, I left him. The difference in me now than when I was that little girl who knew Jesus, is my relationship with God.

Listen Christians, read God's word, pray for God to plant you in a church that fits, go to revivals for spiritual food, talk to him daily about how much you need him, and love him. Thank him for saving you, and share God's story of your life with others. Your relationship with God will keep you from wavering (backsliding)...And for those who have never accepted Christ into your hearts, listen, Jesus is real and he loves us so much that he died for our sins. He has changed my life for the good and he can change yours. There is nothing too big that God can't do. Amen!


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