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Testimony: Abused At Three; Saved At 73

Irene's testimony "Abused At Three; Saved At 73" on 11/18/2015, 12:09am...

At 3 yrs. old i was abused by the olderboy across the street - and it went on until at 11-12 yrs. old i finally got the courage to tell him to stop; he did, right then and never bothered me again. he never 'hurt' me; just looked - to see how a 'girl' was made - i guess.... ?

But, it being a small Kansas farm town of less than 2,000 - everybody knew - and the parents told their kids not to play with that 'dirty little girl'. so until we finally moved to Ar. when i was 16 - i had no friends. so in my teens i 'made' friends with the boys; i had the rep so why not use it? never got 'caught (no babies). I found a young man here in Ca. that loved me - and married me and we are going to celebrate our 51st anniv. next month.

when i was 16, in Ar., i developed scoliosis (curvature of the spine). after 4-5 mos. my left hiip was 4" higher than my right and i was in pain!! Did a year of doctor-ordered 'excercises; did not good. So one beautiful spring day i was tired of just sitting around (I could only sit with my left leg bent at the knee under me) so decided to take 4 aspirin, wait 30-45 min. and go for a walk. It-was-painful!!! But - after about 7 blocks i decided to turn around and - when i did i realized i didn't hurt anymore. but - i knew it'd be worse in the a.m. So, upon waking up i took 4 aspirin and waited, went for my walk; same thing happened. I kept this up for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks i happened to look in a full length mirror and - i was straight!!! I was also scared; i just knew it was a fluke and i'd return to being crooked again. I also didn't hurt at all. it never came back; not even a 'twinge'. Forward to Ca. and my marriage; after 4 years of marriage and one child - my next door neighbor invited me to a church. I went, didn't have any effect on me (I thought). It was her first time too. but it 'affected' her and her husband. Over the next few years i watched them - expecting them to come back to the 'worldly' people they were; they never did. All this time she was teaching me what she learned from the bible at church - over our fenceline - my husband wouldn't let me attend after a few months when i decided I wanted to be saved. He's a good (good!!) husband; but doesn't care for God. I was afraid of him (for a reason I won't go into) but, to make this story come to an end - on July 20, '14 i became more afraid of eternal punishment than of my husband - so on that day (sun.) i prayed through. My husband has 'mellowed' over the years so doesn't really care that much about my church attendance.
About the scoliosis - it was 10 years after i was healed thasst i learned it was God - and not my walking. God used my walking to heal me; He was waiting for me to do something for myself instead of just 'sitting around'. When He saw my efforts - He healed me - in just 2 weeks. And then he waited for another 34 years for me to come to Him. God-is-very-patient, and very loving. This is His 'grace' period - Acts 2. It won't last much longer. The only 'prophesies' thast haven't happened is - the Rapture.


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