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Testimony: A Soldier's Awesome Testimony

Perry Apking's testimony "A Soldier's Awesome Testimony" on 3/07/2016, 4:45am...

In Feb. 1965 I arrived in Vietnam. The next day I was sent to Pleike, in the highlands. I was awaken at around 1am by loud explosions. I ran outside to see fires and people running around. I was grabbed by a Sargent. We had to get some men to the medics. I was helping carry a man when some bullets went by my head. I dropped the man and ducked. The Sargent said not to worry, there were people taking care of that. I wondered who they were. There were 8 killed and over 100 wounded that night..It was the first all american base attacked in Vietnam. I was then sent to Quy Nhon. There were 24 Army killed and an Airforce detachment wiped out, except one who was getting glasses in Saigon. I started drinking to cover the pain of war.

In the next 4 years and 2 tours, there were times that I would say, "If there is a God, get me out of this and I will go to church every Sunday when I get back." Well, I got out but didn't go to church. I got married Nov 1,1969 to the greatest women I had met. Later on I would come to realize,God had put us together. In March 1971 my wife gave birth to twins , a boy and girl. I had started a business, but it was barely supporting us. I had continued drinking heavily and was tired of my life and myself.

I was contemplating suicide. That night I was going to watch a program on TV about some business men in my town. I started watching it and I realized they had been going through the things I had been going through. They had something I didn't have and it changed them and their lives. It was Jesus.

For some reason I started to cry. I went to my bedroom and got on my knees crying, asking Jesus to come into my life. When I got up, it was like a load was lifted off of me. There was no anger, fear, or sin that had been dragging me down. I got up and felt completely whole. I knew my life would forever be changed.

Written by Perry Apking and edited by Glenn Pease


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