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Anonymous testimony "A New Directio" on 1/03/2017, 11:05am...

My family was a fairly typical American post WW2 family. Whenever we were asked the
question of our religion we were told to answer Protestant. We seldom went to church but did show up for some of the Holiday events. Our folks sent us, at times, to vacation bible school and Sunday school sometimes.

I had two memorable stirrings in my heart as a child one was excitement over seeing bible stories on an old video audio presentation they called film strips. The other was when a visiting evangelist came and preached as though the bible was true! I told my Sunday school teacher how excited I was about the message but she discouraged me from getting caught up in what the visiting evangelist said.

I was a hard worker and always had a job and money and my teen years were spent wrapped up in school, cars, girls and work. I married at 18 right after high school.

In those days drinking and recreational drug use was pretty rampant. It was the hippie days. Many young people were dabbling in drugs, eastern religion and other systems of belief, astrology, Tarot cards, mysticism and the like. I read books on religion and kind of felt left out as most of my friends were into some belief system or another.

At that time there was a revival among young people of the Christian faith. There was a movement labelled the Jesus People Movement. I was exposed to the Gospel at that time. I fell under conviction as a dinner. One evening I prayed and ended up on my knees asking forgiveness and inviting Christ into my life.

Since that day my life has taken many twists and turns. My wife and i currently living in a small old logging town, in the Cascades. I teach adult Sunday school and serve as deacon in a small Bible Church. My passion is to encourage others to read, study and trust the Bible, God's Word!


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