Testimony: A Humble Child's Story

Christchild's testimony "A Humble Child's Story" on 7/12/2016, 1:13pm...

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,
Jesus loves you.
I am a child of eighteen. I was troubled by demons from an age of three, and was completely set free by my Saviour at the age of seventeen.The demons in me made me sin like a poor Magdalene, helpless from young. Sticky they were, sins.
But even in those days of affliction, my life was in Jesus' love, and his blessings abounded on me one after another. Now I realize that sins were not anywhere in my being, but they were food and drink for the demons that troubled me. A child who always stayed at home, obedient and well disciplined by his Lord's grace quickly became violent and went out of control. That was a past.

However, my sweet Saviour took me to the warmth of his heart and life ever since is in heaven.

Now, every wound is patched up by my Lord, and his healing is overflowing in love. We must love him above every breath of our lives. He is our only warmth.

I love you.



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