Word Summary
botnim: pistachio
Original Word: בֹּטֶן
Transliteration: botnim
Phonetic Spelling: (bo'-ten)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: pistachio
Meaning: a pistachio-nut
Strong's Concordance

From beten; (only in plural) a pistachio-nut (from its form) -- nut.

see HEBREW beten


H992. botnim

בָּטְנִיםnoun [masculine] plural pistachio, an oval nut (compare Assyrian bu‰nu COTGloss & SchrMBAK 1881, 419, Aramaic בּוּטְנָא‎, , Arabic ; on Punic Βουτνούμ BlauZMG 1873, 527) = pistacia terebinthus RobBR i. 208, ii. 222, PostPEF Oct. 1888, 218, No. 214 f; Tr. Vict. Inst. xxii. 271 etc. pist. vera LöwNo. 44); Genesis 43:11 one of the articles carried from Canaan to Egypt by sons of Jacob as present to Joseph; still a delicacy in Egypt and Syria, compare Wetzst in Löwp.420.