Word Summary
Bachurim: "young men's village", a city in Benjamin
Original Word: בּחֻרִים
Transliteration: Bachurim
Phonetic Spelling: (bakh-oo-reem')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: "young men's village", a city in Benjamin
Meaning: Bahurim -- "young men's village", a city in Benjamin
Strong's Concordance

Or Bachuwriym {bakh-oo-reem'}; masculine plural of bachuwr; young men; Bachurim, a place in Palestine -- Bahurim.

see HEBREW bachuwr


H980. Bachurim

בַּחֻרִיםproper name, of a location (young men's village) of a small town of Benjamin beyond the Mt. of Olives on the way to Jericho (compare RobBR i. 433; KasterenZPV 1890, 100 ff.) 2 Samuel 3:16; 16:5; 17:18; 19:17; 1 Kings 2:8 (= עַלְמוֺן‎ according to ᵑ7Jon Schwarz Marti-SchickZPV iii. 8 f.