Word Summary
buk: to perplex, confuse
Original Word: בּוּךְ
Transliteration: buk
Phonetic Spelling: (book)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to perplex, confuse
Meaning: to perplex, confuse
Strong's Concordance
be entangled, perplexed

A primitive root; to involve (literally or figuratively) -- be entangled, (perplexed).


H943. buk

בּוּךְverb perplex, confuse (? Arabic stir up (water of spring) then be disturbed, confused; compare Assyrian bâku, lead captive, originally lead astray? COT Ezra 4:2) — only

Niph`al Perfect3feminine singular נָב֫וֺכָהEsther 3:15; 3masculine plural נָבֹ֫כוּJoel 1:18; Participle plural נְבֻכִיםExodus 14:3; — be confused, in confusion (of a city) Esther 3:15; = wander aimlessly (of Israel) Exodus 14:3; so of cattle Joel 1:18 (Merx proposes בָּכוּ‎, after ᵐ5ἔκλαυσαν, but בכה‎ not elsewhere of cattle).