Word Summary
buz: contempt
Original Word: בּוּז
Transliteration: buz
Phonetic Spelling: (booz)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: contempt
Meaning: disrespect
Strong's Concordance
contempt, despised, shamed

From buwz; disrespect -- contempt(-uously), despised, shamed.

see HEBREW buwz


H937. buz

II. בּוּזnoun masculineProverbs 18:3 contempt׳בּ‎ absolute Genesis 38:23 9t.; construct Job 31:34; — (Wisdom Literature & poetry, except Genesis 38:23 J).

1 contempt springing from pride and wickedness Job 31:34; Psalm 123:3; 123:4 ("" לַעַג‎); joined in one adverb. phrase with גאוה31:19 ׳בְּג ׳וָב‎; springing from prosperity and ease Job 12:5; = object of contempt Genesis 38:23; Proverbs 12:8; "" חֶרְמָּהPsalm 119:22; Proverbs 18:3.

2 judicial, poured out (שׁפך‎) by God, in judgment Job 12:21 = Psalm 107:40.