Word Summary
bohen: thumb, great toe
Original Word: בֹּהֶן
Transliteration: bohen
Phonetic Spelling: (bo'-hen)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: thumb, great toe
Meaning: the thumb of the hand, great toe of the foot
Strong's Concordance
thumb, great toe

From an unused root apparently meaning to be thick; the thumb of the hand or great toe of the foot -- thumb, great toe.


H931. bohen

בֹּ֫הֶןnoun [feminine] (compare Sta§ 310 c) with יַדthumb, with רֶגֶלgreat toe (Arabic , & (vulgar) , ) — ׳בּ‎ only construct Exodus 29:20 (twice in verse) + 12t.; plural construct בְּהֹנוֺתJudges 1:6-7, (from singular [בְּהוֺן‎] as always Manuscript ‎ for בֹּהֶן ᵑ0‎); — thumb (יָדָם‎) ׳בּ יָדוֺ‎, & great toe (דַגְלָם‎) ׳בּ רַגְלוֺ‎ (always named together) Exodus 29:20 (twice in verse); Leviticus 8:23 (twice in verse); 8:24 (twice in verse); 14:14 (twice in verse); 14:17 (twice in verse); 14:25 (twice in verse); 14:28 (twice in verse); י ׳בְּהֹנוֺת ׳וְרJudges 1:6-7,.