Word Summary
bohu: emptiness
Original Word: בֹּהוּ
Transliteration: bohu
Phonetic Spelling: (bo'-hoo)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: emptiness
Meaning: a vacuity, an undistinguishable ruin
Strong's Concordance
emptiness, void

From an unused root (meaning to be empty); a vacuity, i.e. (superficially) an undistinguishable ruin -- emptiness, void.


H922. bohu

בֹּ֫הוּnoun [masculine] emptiness (on form see Ges§ 84a, 1 b Sta§ 95, 198 a, on usage compare LagOr. ii. 60 f.) always with תֹּהוּ‎ q. v.; — וָבֹהוּ תֹּהוּGenesis 1:2 of primeval earth; Jeremiah 4:23 of earth under judgment of ׳י‎; בֹהוּ וְאַבְנֵי קַותֿֿהֹוּIsaiah 34:11, the line of wasteness and the stones of emptiness, i.e. plummets, employed, not as usual for building, but for destroying walls; compare Di & see below אבן6