Word Summary
teren: two
Original Word: תְּרֵין
Transliteration: teren
Phonetic Spelling: (ter-ane')
Part of Speech: Noun
Short Definition: two
Meaning: two
Strong's Concordance
second, twelve, two

(Aramaic) feminine tarteyn {tar-tane'}; corresponding to shnayim; two -- second, + twelve, two.

see HEBREW shnayim


H8648. teren

תֶּ֫רַחproper name

1. masculine father of Abraham: (a kind of ibex (compare Assyrian turdâ—u, Arabic NöZMG xxxlii (1879), 331, Syriac capra cauca-sica), but against this NöZMG xl (1886), 167; proper name, of divinity JenZA vi. 70); — ׳תGenesis 11:25-26, 27 (twice in verse); 11:28, 31, 32 (twice in verse); Joshua 24:2; תָּ֑רַתGenesis 11:24; 1 Chronicles 1:26; Θαρρα, ᵐ5L Θαρα. — See SelbieHast. DB TERAH.

2. location station on Exodus Journey Numbers 33:27-28, Ταραθ.

תִּרְחֲנָה‎ see רחן‎.

תַּרְמִית תרמות, תָּרְמָה,‎ see [II. רמת‎].

[תְּרֵין‎] noun masculine, תַּרְתֵּין‎ (K§ 65, Anm. 1) feminine, two (so in Aramaic dialects Generally (note Nabataean feminine תרתין‎ over against Palmyrene תרתן‎ Lzb388); see PhilippiZMG xxxii (1878), 21 ff.;

adjective according to M§ 89 b); — masculine only construct in עֲשַׂר תִּרֵיtwelve, after

noun masculine plural Daniel 4:26; Ezra 6:17; feminine after

noun feminine plural וְת שִׁתִּין ׳שְׁנִיןDaniel 6:1 years sixty and two; = ordinal, תַּרְתֵּין שְׁנַת4:24 second year.

[תְּרֵין‎], תַּרְתֵּיןtwo, see תנא‎. above