Word Summary
Topheth: a place South of Jer
Original Word: תֹּפֶת
Transliteration: Topheth
Phonetic Spelling: (to'-feth)
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a place South of Jer
Meaning: Topheth -- a place South of Jerusalem
Strong's Concordance
Tophet, Topheth

The same as topheth; Topheth, a place near Jerusalem -- Tophet, Topheth.

see HEBREW topheth


H8612. Topheth

II. תֹּ֫פֶתproper name, of a location in valley of בֶּןתִֿנֹּם‎, south of Jerusalem (etymology doubtful, see GFMEncy. Bib. MOLECH; RSSemitic i. 357, 2nd ed. 372, 377 and others think Aramaic, = fire-place, compare שׁפת‎); — with article ׳הַתּ2 Kings 23:10 5t., article omitted Jeremiah 7:32; 19:11-12, — place of sacrificing children 7:31, compare 7:32a 19:6 (compare 19:5), 2 Kings 23:10; to become burial-place Jeremiah 7:32b 19:11; in simile of desecrated city 19:12; 19:13 (הַתּ ׳מְקוֺם‎); scene of a prophecy of Jeremiah, 19:14; — Ταφες, Ταφεθ (compare LagBN 78), ᵐ5L2 Kings 23:10 Θαφφεθ. — See GFMl.c. SalmondHast.DB TOPHET.