Word Summary
Tiphsach: a place on the Euphrates
Original Word: תִּפְסַח
Transliteration: Tiphsach
Phonetic Spelling: (tif-sakh')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a place on the Euphrates
Meaning: Tiphsah -- a place on the Euphrates
Strong's Concordance

From pacach; ford; Tiphsach, a place in Mesopotamia -- Tipsah.

see HEBREW pacach


H8607. Tiphsach

תִּפְסַחproper name, of a location on Euphrates (probablyford (though LagBN 131 doubts); LewyFremdw. 146 compare Αάμψακος (on Bosphorus), explanation as לַמֶּסַח‎); — 1 Kings 5:4, northeast limit of Solomon's dominion; = Gk Θάψακος XenAnab. i. 4 etc.; identification with Kal' at Dibse, at the great easterly bend of the river, approximately Latitude 35° 55' north, Longitude 38° 20' east, JPPetersNation, May 23, 1889: Nippur i.96 ff.