Word Summary
abrek: to kneel
Original Word: אַבְרֵךְ
Transliteration: abrek
Phonetic Spelling: (ab-rake')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to kneel
Meaning: to kneel
Strong's Concordance
bow the knee

Probably an Egyptian word meaning kneel -- bow the knee.


H86. abrek

אַבְרֵךְ‎ proclaimed before Joseph Genesis 41:43 (meaning dubious; many Egyptian derivatives proposed; e.g. a-bor-k, Coptic = prostrate thyself! SpiegelbRandglossen 14 ff. explained as Egyptian ±brk = give attention! BenfeyVerh. d. äg. Spr. z. Semitic 302 f; ¹prek, = head bowed! ChabasRA 1, — but ¹ = ע‎ see also WiedemannAltäg. Wörter 1883, 8; apreχ-u, head of the wise, HarkavyBerl. äg. Zeltschr. 1869; (but Jeremiah 46:15 many MSS. ᵐ5‎ Aq Symm Theod ᵑ9‎ many moderns read אַבִּירֶ֑ךָthy bull, i.e. Apis). — אַבִרֵךְ‎: SpiegelbergRandglossen 14ff. explains as Egyptian °brk = give attention! åb-rek, rejoice thou! CookSpeaker's Comm. Gn. on the passage and p. 482; Lepage RenoufPSBA.nov.1888, 5 f åb(u)-rek, thy command is our desire, i.e. we are at thy service; SayRel. Babylonian 183 Assyrian abrikku = Akkadian abrik, vizier (unpublished tablet), see already DlW; L 134 c., 1. 11. 12 who compare Assyrian abarakku = title, perhaps grand vizier; against Dl, see COT & NöZMG 1886, 734).

אַבְשַׁי אַבְרָם,‎ see אֲבִישַׁי אֲבִירָם,‎ below II. אבה‎.

אַבְשָׁלֹם אַבְשָׁלוֺם,‎ see אֲבִישָׁלוֺם‎ below II. אבה‎.

אגא‎ (compare Arabic , flee Frey). **Authority for Arabic verb flee is slender, but word occurs as proper name, of a mountain, and elsewhere (GFM, privately).