Word Summary
tannin: serpent, dragon, sea monster
Original Word: תַּנִּין
Transliteration: tannin
Phonetic Spelling: (tan-neen')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: serpent, dragon, sea monster
Meaning: a marine, land monster, sea-serpent, jackal
Strong's Concordance
dragon, sea-monster, serpent, whale

Or tanniym (Ezek. 29:3) {tan-neem'}; intensive from the same as tan; a marine or land monster, i.e. Sea-serpent or jackal -- dragon, sea-monster, serpent, whale.

see HEBREW tan


H8577. tannin

תַּנִּין‎ (erroneous תַּנִּים‎) noun masculineEzekiel 29:3 serpent, dragon, sea-monster (Late Hebrew id. (rare); Arabic , loan-word from Aramaic תַּנִּינָא‎, Frä123; Ethiopic ); — absolute ׳תExodus 7:9 +, יִ֯םEzekiel 29:3; 32:2 (by confusion with plural of [תַּן‎]); plural תַּנִּינַםGenesis 1:21, etc.; —

1 serpent, Deuteronomy 32:33 (venomous), Psalm 91:13 ("" מֶּתֶן‎), Exodus 7:9-10, 12 (P).

2 dragon, as devourer (simile) Jeremiah 51:34; הַתּ ׳עֵיןNehemiah 2:13, near Jerusalem

3 sea- (or river-) monster, Genesis 1:21 (P); figurative Job 7:12; Psalm 74:13 (i.e. Egyptains), Isaiah 27:1; 51:9 ("" רַהַב‎, mythological personification of chaos); in summons to praise ׳יPsalm 148:7 ("" תְּהֹמוֺת‎). — See CheEncy. Bib. DRAGON GunkSeh-pfung 69 ff. BartonJAOS xv. 1 (1891). 23 f.; personified of water-spout RSSemitic i. 161; 2nd ed. 176; compare Greek fish-name θύννος LewyFremdw. 15.

II. תנן‎ (√ of following; apparently "" נתן‎; compare also I. תנה‎).