Word Summary
tenuphah: a swinging, waving, wave offering, offering
Original Word: תְּנוּפָה
Transliteration: tenuphah
Phonetic Spelling: (ten-oo-faw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a swinging, waving, wave offering, offering
Meaning: a brandishing, tumult, the official undulation of sacrificial offerings
Strong's Concordance
offering, shaking, wave offering

From nuwph; a brandishing (in threat); by implication, tumult; specifically, the official undulation of sacrificial offerings -- offering, shaking, wave (offering).

see HEBREW nuwph


H8573. tenuphah

תְּנוּפָה30 noun feminine a swinging, waving, wave-offering, offering; — absolute ׳תIsaiah 30:32 +; construct תְּנוּפַת19:16; Exodus 35:22; plural construct תְּנוּפֹתNumbers 18:11; —

1 a swinging, brandishing, ׳ת י ׳יַדIsaiah 19:16 the brandishing of׳י‎'s hand (in hostility); ת ׳מִלְהֲמוֺת30:32 battles of brandishing (brandished weapons).

2. a. waving, wave-offering, technical term in P (H), originally of priest's share of sacrifice (compare נוףHiph`il 4), בְּנֵ ׳לְכָּלתְּֿנוּפֹת ׳יִשׂ נְתַתִּים לְךָNumbers 18:11; often as 2nd accusative after הֵנִיףExodus 29:25 5t.; even of Levites Numbers 8:11, 13, 15, 20 (on all see נוףHiph`il 4); הַתְּ ׳חֲזֵהExodus 29:27 the wave-breast, so Leviticus 7:34; 10:14-15, Numbers 6:20 (all + הַתְּרוּמָה שׁוֺק‎) 18:18 (+ הַיָּמִין שׁוֺק‎); הַתְּ ׳עֹמֶרLeviticus 23:15; הַתְּ ׳לָחֶם23:17; ׳ת‎ alone 23:20 (all H); less accurately Exodus 29:24; Leviticus 8:27; 14:12, 21, 24 (see נוףl.c.).

b. offering, of gold and brass for tabernacle, Exodus 35:22; 38:24, 29. — On ׳ת‎ see DiLeviticus 7:30 BenzArchaeology 459 f. and especially NowArchaeology ii. 239 f; also תְּרוּמָה‎.

II. נוף‎ (√ of following; compare Arabic , I, IV. overtop (Frey), camel-hump (ib.); high, lofty (of mountain and building, Lane3039).