Word Summary
tamar: palm tree, date palm
Original Word: תָּמָר
Transliteration: tamar
Phonetic Spelling: (taw-mawr')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: palm tree, date palm
Meaning: palm tree, date palm
Strong's Concordance
palm tree

From an unused root meaning to be erect; a palm tree -- palm (tree).


H8558. tamar

I. תָּמָרnoun masculine palm-tree, date-palm, Phoenix dactylifera; — ׳תJoel 1:12; in simile of prosperity Psalm 92:13, of (graceful) stature Cant 7:8, compare (figurative) Song of Solomon 7:9; plural תְּמָרִים‎ in oasis Exodus 15:27 (J), "" Numbers 33:9 (P); ת ׳כַּמֹּתLeviticus 23:40 (H) palm-branches, compare ת ׳עֲלֵיNehemiah 8:15; הַתְּמָרִים עִיר‎ = Jericho Deuteronomy 34:3 (JE), 2 Chronicles 28:15; Judges 1:16; 3:13. — See PostHast. DBPALM-TREE M'LeanEncy. Bib. ID. TrNHB 378 ff. Theob. FischerDattelpalme, 1881.