Word Summary
tamak: to grasp, support, attain
Original Word: תָּמַךְ
Transliteration: tamak
Phonetic Spelling: (taw-mak')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to grasp, support, attain
Meaning: to sustain, to obtain, keep fast, to help, follow close
Strong's Concordance
take, uphold up, maintain, retain, stay up

A primitive root; to sustain; by implication, to obtain, keep fast; figuratively, to help, follow close -- (take, up-)hold (up), maintain, retain, stay (up).


H8551. tamak

[תָּמַךְ‎] verb grasp, support, attain (Aramaic תְּמַךְ‎ Pa`el hold fast; compare Phoenician and Old Aramaic תמכאלEl hath sustained Lzb386 SAC121 Cooke361); —

Qal Perfect. 3 feminine singular תָּֽמְכָהPsalm 63:9, etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular יִתְמֹךְProverbs 29:23, 3masculine plural יִתְמֹ֑כוּJob 36:17; Proverbs 5:5, etc., Infinitive absolute תָּמֹךְPsalm 17:5; construct תְּמֹךְIsaiah 33:15; Participle תּוֺמֵךְAmos 1:5, 8, תּוֺמִיךְPsalm 16:5 (? read מֵיךְ‎+?§ 51e, or תֹּמֵךְ‎, compare Vrss Du; > 0l תּוֺסִיף‎, Bi Che תָּמִיד‎), etc.; —

1 grasp, lay hold of, with accusative of thing Genesis 48:17 (E), Proverbs 31:19 ("" בְּ יד שׁלּח‎); accusative of person (wisdom) 3:18 ("" מַחֲזִיק‎); accusative of thing (grasp and) wield Amos 1:5, 8; Psalm 16:5 (see above) thou dost grasp my lot (i.e. take and cast it for me, compare modern Palestinian may Allah uphold my lot BergheimPEF 1894, 194); figurative, Job 36:17 judgment and justice seize (thee; but see obscure and doubtful); Proverbs 5:5 her steps lay hold of Sh®°ôl (keep the path to it); literal, with ב‎ of thing Isaiah 33:15, ב‎ person Proverbs 28:17 (or below

3; meaning dubious); lay hold of, attain, honour, wealth (accusative) Proverbs 11:16 (twice in verse).

2 hold up, support, with בְּיָדָיוExodus 17:2 (E); figurative, ב‎ person Isaiah 42:1; Psalm 41:13; 63:9; accusative of person Isaiah 41:10 (ב‎ instrumental), Proverbs 29:23 (opposed to הִשְׁמִּיל‎),

3 hold, keep, with accusative of thing Proverbs 4:4 let thy heart keep my words ("" שָׁמַר‎); hold firmly Psalm 17:5 (ב‎ location; opposed to נָמֹ֫טוּ‎).

Niph`al Imperfect יִתָּמֵ֑ךְ חַטָּאתוֺ וּבְחַבְלֵיProverbs 5:22 in the cords of his sin is he seized ("" לָכַד‎).