Word Summary
tam or tammah: there
Original Word: תָּם
Transliteration: tam or tammah
Phonetic Spelling: (tawm)
Part of Speech: Adverb
Short Definition: there
Meaning: there
Strong's Concordance
thence, there, where

(Aramaic) corresponding to sham; there -- X thence, there, X where.

see HEBREW sham


H8536. tam

or tammah תַּמָּהadverb there (so Egyptian Aramaic (RÉS361B 5 [also תנהA 4, so Cilician Aramaic, Cooke68. 5, compare Palmyrene תנן‎ ib.121. 3, Syriac ] S-CA 4, J 6); תַּמָּן ᵑ7‎, Syriac , see Biblical Hebrew שָׁם‎); — Ezra 5:17; 6:1, 12; ׳מִןתֿthence 6:6.