Word Summary
toknith: measurement, proportion
Original Word: תָּכְנִית
Transliteration: toknith
Phonetic Spelling: (tok-neeth')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: measurement, proportion
Meaning: admeasurement, consummation
Strong's Concordance
pattern, sum

From token; admeasurement, i.e. Consummation -- pattern, sum.

see HEBREW token


H8508. toknith

תָּכֵּנִיתnoun feminine measurement, proportion; — absolute Ezekiel 43:10 (< read ᵐ5 נִיתוֺ תָּכְּ‎ Ew Hi Co Toy and others); ת ׳חוֺתֵם28:12 thou wert one sealing up (the) measure (RVm), i.e. exhibiting perfect proportion; Manuscripts Sm and others ת ׳חוֺחַםthe seal of (perfect) proportion; but dubious, see Commentaries