Word Summary
tachton: lower, lowest
Original Word: תַּחְתּוֹן
Transliteration: tachton
Phonetic Spelling: (takh-tone')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: lower, lowest
Meaning: lower, lowest
Strong's Concordance

The same as tachath; Tachath, the name of a place in the Desert, also of three Israelites -- Tahath.

see HEBREW tachath


H8481. tachton

תַּחְתּוֺןadjective lower, lowest; — absolute ׳תּJoshua 16:3 +, feminine singular תֹּנָה‎- Isaiah 22:9 +, feminine plural תֹּנֹת‎- Ezekiel 42:5-6, — lower, Isaiah 22:9 הַתּ ׳הַבְּרֵכָה‎ the lower pool (in Jerusalem), of pavement and gate of outer (lower). temple-court Ezekiel 40:18-19, (l. ׳השּׁ הַתַּחְתּוֺן‎), of lower ledge (עֲזָרְה‎) of altar, 43:14; of the lowest of the three stories of side-chambers surrounding the temple, 1 Kings 6:6 הַתּ ׳הַיָּצוּעַ‎, + 6:8a (see תִּיכוֺן‎), Ezekiel 41:7 (read וּמִן‎ for וְבֵן‎), 42:5-6, in place-name, תּ ׳בֵּיתחֹֿרוֺןJoshua 16:3; 18:13; 1 Kings 9:17 ("" 2 Chronicles 8:5 ׳הַתּ‎), הַתּ ׳בֵּיתחֹֿרוֺן1 Chronicles 7:24; 2 Chronicles 8:5.