Word Summary
tachmas: male ostrich
Original Word: תַּחְמָס
Transliteration: tachmas
Phonetic Spelling: (takh-mawce')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: male ostrich
Meaning: a species of unclean bird, an owl
Strong's Concordance
disease, grievous, that are sickness

Or tachalui {takh-al-oo'}; from chala'; a malady -- disease, X grievous, (that are) sick(-ness).

see HEBREW chala'


H8464. tachmas

תַּחְמָסnoun [masculine] name of male ostrich, according to Boii.830 Thes (Thes derives from violence of this bird, compare Arabic violence, also ostrich; other conjectures are: owl ᵑ9 ᵐ5‎; swallow, Saad: see also Kn in Di) — mentioned as unclean Leviticus 11:16 (P) Deuteronomy 14:15.