Word Summary
tor: turtledove
Original Word: תּוֹר
Transliteration: tor
Phonetic Spelling: (tore)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: turtledove
Meaning: a ring-dove, a term of endearment
Strong's Concordance

Probably the same as towr; a manner (as a sort of turn) -- estate.

see HEBREW towr


H8449. tor

II. תּוֺר תֹּר,noun feminineLeviticus 5:7 (masculine14:30) turtle-dove (onomatopoetic); — absolute תֹּרGenesis 15:9 (J; + גּוֺזָל‎), Jeremiah 8:7 (as migratory); as sacrificial offering (RSSemitic i. 202; 2nd ed. 219, 294) [usually יוֺנָה (בְּנֵי) בֶּן‎] Leviticus 1:14; 5:7, 11; 12:6, 8; 14:22, 30; 15:14, 29; Numbers 6:10 (all P; compare also Genesis 15:9); הַתּוֺר קוֺלSong of Solomon 2:12; suffix תּוֺרֶ֑ךָPsalm 74:19 (figurative of ׳י‎'s people). — See TristrNHB 201 ff. Shiply-CookEncy. Bib. Dove PostHast. DB TURTLE-DOVE. — 1. תֹּר‎ see I. תּוֺר‎.