Word Summary
tola: worm, scarlet stuff
Original Word: תּוֹלָע
Transliteration: tola
Phonetic Spelling: (to-law')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: worm, scarlet stuff
Meaning: the crimson-grub, of the color, from it, cloths dyed therewith
Strong's Concordance

From yalal; causing to howl, i.e. An oppressor -- that wasted.

see HEBREW yalal


H8438. tola

I. תּוֺלָעnoun [masculine] worm, scarlet stuff (dyed with the coccus ilicis, see שָׁנִי‎ ThatcherHast. DB COLOURS); —

1 worm, only plural תּוֺלָעִים‎ in stale manna Exodus 16:20 (P).

2 scarlet stuff, absolute singular תּוֺלָIsaiah 1:18 (in sim "" שָׁנִים‎; opposed to צֶמֶר‎); token of luxury Lamentations 4:5.

תּוֺלַ֫עַת תּוֺלֵעָה,40

noun feminine worm; — absolute תּוֺלֵעָהIsaiah 14:11; Job 25:6; תּוֺלַעַתIsaiah 41:14 +, תּוֺלָ֑עַתDeuteronomy 28:39; Numbers 19:6; construct תּוֺלַ֫עַתExodus 25:4 +; suffix תּוֺלַעְתָּםIsaiah 66:24; —

1 worm, grub, vine-weevil Jonah 4:7; Deuteronomy 28:39 (collective); devouring the dead Isaiah 14:11 (collective: "" רִמָּה‎), 66:24 (collective) symbol of insignificance 41:14; Job 25:6 ("" רִמָּה‎), Psalm 22:7.

2 elsewhere (P) specif + שָׁנִי‎ (q. v.), of the coccus ilicis yielding scarlet colour: (הַ)תּ ׳שְׁנִיLeviticus 14:4, 6, 49, 51, 52; Numbers 19:6; of crimson stuff ת ׳בֶּגֶד שָׁנִי4:8; usually ׳שְׁנִ וגו ׳(הַ)שָּׁנִי וְאַרְגָּמָן תְּכֵלָתExodus 25:4; 26:1 24t. Exodus.