Word Summary
tabnith: construction, pattern, figure
Original Word: תַּבְנִית
Transliteration: tabnith
Phonetic Spelling: (tab-neeth')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: construction, pattern, figure
Meaning: structure, a model, resemblance
Strong's Concordance

From teben; strawy; Tibni, an Israelite -- Tibni.

see HEBREW teben


H8403. tabnith

תַּבְנִיתnoun feminine construction, pattern, figure ֯׳תּ‎ absolute 1 Chronicles 28:19; construct Exodus 25:9 (twice in verse) + 14 t. + Ezekiel 8:10 (strike out Co); תַּבְנִיתוֺ2 Kings 16:10, תַבְנִיתָםExodus 25:40

1 apparently originally construction, structure, yet only P & late: י מִזְבַּה ׳תַּבְנִיתJoshua 22:28; compare Psalm 144:12 in simile תּ מְחֻטָּבִים כְזָוִיּוֺת ׳בְּנוֺתֵינוּ הֵיכָלcarved according to the construction of a palace, palace-fashion.

2 pattern, according to which anything is to be constructed (P & late), of tabernacle Exodus 25:9, utensils of tabernacle 25:9; 25:40; an altar 2 Kings 16:10 מַעֲשֵׂהוּ לְכָלֿ תַּבְנִיתוֺ‎ (distinguished from דְּמוּת‎); temple 1 Chronicles 28:11 compare 28:12 chariot, i.e. cherubim 28:18; הַתּ ׳מַלְאֲכוֺת28:19 i.e. objects of which the patters is given.

3 figure, image, Hexateuch only D, of idols in form of animals Deuteronomy 4:16-17, (twice in verse); 4:18 (twice in verse); elsewhere late Isaiah 44:13; Ezekiel 8:10 (strike out B Co) Psalm 106:20; compare ׳תּ יָדEzekiel 8:3; 10:8 i.e. something like a hand.

בנט‎ (assumed as √ of אַבְנֵט‎, Thes Sta§ 257).