Word Summary
ta'ar: probably to incline
Original Word: תָּאַר
Transliteration: ta'ar
Phonetic Spelling: (taw-ar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: probably to incline
Meaning: Taanath-shiloh -- probably to incline
Strong's Concordance

From ta'anah and Shiyloh; approach of Shiloh; Taanath-Shiloh, a place in Palestine -- Taanath-shiloh.

see HEBREW ta'anah

see HEBREW Shiyloh


H8388. ta

'ar תָּאַרverb apparently incline (perhaps akin to תּוּר‎ Thes; > Buhl denominative from תֹּאַר‎, q. v. ); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳ת‎, subject boundary: Joshua 18:14, with ה‎ locative 15:9 b. 11; with עַל ֗֗֗ מִן15:9 a; with מִן‎ only, 18:17; probably also with accusative of location 19:13 (read הַנֵּעָה וְתָאַר רִמּ֫וֺנָהto Rimmon, and it inclined to Ne`;a Di Steuern Benn and others). See also [תָּאַר‎]

Pi`el below

[תָּאַר‎] verb Pi`el denominative draw in outline, trace out; — Imperfect3masculine singular suffix יְתָֽאֲרֵ֫הוּIsaiah 44:13 (twice in verse) (both with ב‎ instrumental), of shaping idols; for ᵑ0‎2masculine plural תְּתָאוּNumbers 34:7-8, CheEncy. Bib. 2109 proposes תְּתָאֲרוּye shall trace out (the boundary; with וְתֵאַרְתֶּם‎ for וְהִתְאַוִּיתֶם34:10); see also תוה תאה,‎.

תַּאֲרֵעַ‎ see תַּחֲרֵעַ‎ below חרע‎ p. 357.

תְּאַשּׁוּר‎ see below [אָשַׁר‎] p. 81.