Word Summary
taam: to be double
Original Word: תָּאַם
Transliteration: taam
Phonetic Spelling: (taw-am')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be double
Meaning: to be, twinned, duplicate, jointed
Strong's Concordance
coupled together, bear twins

A primitive root; to be complete; but used only as denominative from ta'owm, to be (causatively, make) twinned, i.e. (figuratively) duplicate or (arch.) Jointed -- coupled (together), bear twins.

see HEBREW ta'owm


H8382. taam

[תָּאַם‎] verb denominative be double; —

Qal Participle plural תֹּאֲמִםExodus 26:24 "" תּוֺאֲמִים36:29; so read also (for תַּמִּים‎) 26:24; 36:29 (both P), compare Sam Di Baen ARSKHast. DB iv. 661.

Hiph`il bear twins: Participle feminine plural מַתְאִימוֺתSong of Solomon 5:2; 6:6.

תֹּאֲנָה תַּאֲנָה,‎ see III. אנה‎.