Word Summary
shaashuim: a delight
Original Word: שַׁעְשֻׁעַ
Transliteration: shaashuim
Phonetic Spelling: (shah-shoo'-ah)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a delight
Meaning: enjoyment
Strong's Concordance
delight, pleasure

From sha'a'; enjoyment -- delight, pleasure.

see HEBREW sha'a'


H8191. shaashuim

[שַׁעֲשֻׁעִים‎], שׁוּעִים‎- noun [masculine] plural intensive delight (BaNB 206); — absolute שׁוּעִים‎- Jeremiah 31:20; Proverbs 8:30; suffix שׁוּעָיו‎- Isaiah 5:7, usually שֻׁעַי‎- Proverbs 8:31; Psalm 119:24, שֻׁעָ֑י‎- 119:77 3t.; — delight, in phrase שׁ ׳נְטַעIsaiah 5:7 the planting of his delight (in which he took delight), so שׁ ׳יֶלֶדJeremiah 31:20 ("" יַקִּיר בֵּן‎); ׳שׁ אֶתֿProverbs 8:31 my delight (was) with the sons of men; elsewhere = object of delight, of wisdom 8:30; God's law, etc., Psalm 119:24; 119:77; 119:92; 119:143; 119:174.