Word Summary
Shemiramoth: probably "name of heights", two Levites
Original Word: שְׁמִירָמוֹת
Transliteration: Shemiramoth
Phonetic Spelling: (shem-ee-raw-moth')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: probably "name of heights", two Levites
Meaning: Shemiramoth -- probably "name of heights", two Levites
Strong's Concordance

Or Shmariymowth {shem-aw-ree- moth'}; probably from shem and plural of ramah; name of heights; Shemiramoth, the name of two Israelites -- Shemiramoth.

see HEBREW shem

see HEBREW ramah


H8070. Shemiramoth

שְׁמִירָמוֺתproper name, masculine (here according to Thes who question nom. altitudinum, i.e. perhaps of heavens): Levites, Σαμε(ι)ραμωθ:

1 1 Chronicles 15:18, 20; 16:5.

22 Chronicles 17:8 Qr (Kt שמרימות‎).

שׁמא‎ (√ of following).