Word Summary
Shemida: "name of knowing", a man of Manasseh
Original Word: שְׁמִידָע
Transliteration: Shemida
Phonetic Spelling: (shem-ee-daw')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: "name of knowing", a man of Manasseh
Meaning: Shemida -- "name of knowing", a man of Manasseh
Strong's Concordance
Shemida, Shemidah

Apparently from shem and yada'; name of knowing; Shemida, an Israelite -- Shemida, Shemidah.

see HEBREW shem

see HEBREW yada'


H8061. Shemida

שְׁמִידָ֑עproper name, masculine in Manasseh (the name knoweth? compare Sabean ירעסמהו‎ DHMZMG xxxvii (1883), 16); — Numbers 26:22 (συμαερ), Joshua 17:2; 1 Chronicles 7:19, συμαρειμ, etc.; ᵐ5L σαμ(ε)ιδα(ε).