Word Summary
saggi: great, much
Original Word: שַׂגִּיא
Transliteration: saggi
Phonetic Spelling: (sag-ghee')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: great, much
Meaning: great, much
Strong's Concordance
exceeding, greatly; many, much, sore, very

(Aramaic) corresponding to saggiy'; large (in size, quantity or number, also adverbial) -- exceeding, great(-ly); many, much, sore, very.

see HEBREW saggiy'


H7690. saggi

שַׂגִּראadjective great, much — absolute ׳שׂDaniel 2:6 +, feminine plural שֵׂגִּיאָן2:48; Ezra 5:11; —

1 great, of image Daniel 2:31 (in vision), height of tree 4:7 (id.); of honour 2:6.

2 much, fruit Daniel 4:9; 4:18, flesh 7:5; plural many, years Ezra 5:11, gifts Daniel 2:48.

3 as adverb exceedingly, Daniel 2:12; 5:9; 6:15; 6:24; 7:28.